Shop: Scene Collection
Material: Steel, Glass
Photo: Anna Pleslová, Viktorie Macánová, Agnes Willow
Info: Czech Design Week 2021 – Best installation
Designblok Awards 2021 – Nomination for Best Installation
Czech Grand Design 2021 – finalist for Discovery of the Year
Zlín Design Week 2022 – Media Award

The collection of home accessories refers to architectural fragments or scenographic backdrops. This allows for the creation of diverse compositions, responding to the needs and fantasies of the user. The whole collection is in the spirit of bright colours, which are deliberately chosen to evoke joy and happiness – emotions that everyone so desperately missed during the lockdown. The main element of the entire collection is a series of variable tables that form the backdrop of a fictional place. This scenery is completed by glass vases in the shape of columns. Another part of the collection are bookends and bowls, where the play with scale is significant. Glass elements were created in partnership with Preciosa Lighting. In the spring of 2022, we decided to add bookmarks to the collection in a limited colour palette. The fresh new colours – yellow, pink and mint – have been chosen so that they can be well combined with the existing shades of the collection.